Artist Profile: Hal Tenny

Hal TennyHal Tenny

Focus: 3D fractal art, Raw fractals, Digital art
Tools: Mandelbulb 3D
Also: Author (Science Fiction)
Location: Danbury, North Carolina, USA.

About: Hal Tenny is well known in the 3D fractal art community as an outstanding artist and a creator of some of the most popular Mandelbulb 3D tutorials. He is a masterful MB3D technician with an amazing eye for color and composition.

Having been active in the arts all his life, Hal moved into digitally based art with the rise of computer imaging software. He began working with fractal images in 2009, using the fractal flame software Apophysis. Since then, he’s moved on to creating predominantly with Mandelbulb 3D.

Hal’s art is evocative of science fiction imagery—otherworldly environments, futuristic cities, wildly-complex alien technology… He utilizes the full potential of the MB3D environment with lighting, fog, and depth-of-field effects to create scenes of uncanny realism. While some of his art has illustrative and abstract qualities, many of his pieces feel almost photographic.

“…For the most part I work around the perimeter and beyond what is easily recognized as fractal art.”

Hal is also an author. He has a number of science fiction novels and short stories available at [search: Hal Tenny]

The following images were created with Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D). They are © Hal Tenny and appear here with permission.

"Nanos Building a Volcano" by Hal Tenny"Breach" by Hal Tenny"Lunar Arctic Biosphere" by Hal Tenny"Architectural Freestyle" by Hal Tenny"Alien Contrivance" by Hal Tenny"Ornate Support Column" by Hal Tenny"Wave Generator" by Hal Tenny"Silver and Gold" by Hal Tenny"Some Curling Tentacles" by Hal Tenny"Lake of Blue" by Hal Tenny"The Mists of Avalon" by Hal Tenny"Dysplastic Mech" by Hal Tenny"Sleepy City" by Hal Tenny"U Tubes" by Hal Tenny"Klingons" by Hal Tenny"Uncontrolled Breeding" by Hal Tenny"Little Fat Engine" by Hal Tenny"Emerging" by Hal Tenny

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Links: Hal Tenny on Deviant Art. Art prints available on Fine Art America. Visit


"Horror Takes a Holiday" by Hal Tenny"Vinn Affair" by Hal Tenny"Standard Affair" by Hal Tenny"Waves in Time" by Hal Tenny"Nightland Tale" by Hal Tenny


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